Tree Feeding

Our clients have seen impressive results with our feeding programs on both new tree plantings and established older specimens. The feeding program we recommend for your trees is developed after carefully reviewing your site analysis, soil tests, your tree species, and the age and condition of your specimens. Our preferred tree feeding method is the liquid root zone injection which delivers nutrients ready for immediate uptake by the tree. When situations warrant it, we also have other methods available.

In the Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Region of New Hampshire and Vermont, tree feeding is best administered in the fall as the tree prepares for its dormant season. Specific conditions may call for feeding at other times of the year or for successive feedings.

Tree feeding programs are closely linked to pest management. Both programs support optimal cultural conditions and improve tree vigor while reducing pest populations. Our certified arborists delight in the science of designing an effective tree feeding program for each tree whose care is entrusted to us.