Technical Removals

Our certified arborists take pride in the combination of skill and experience they have with hazardous tree removal. Expert training enables us to efficiently assess and plan the best approach for safe removal of hazardous trees without causing damage to your property. Removals are performed using properly maintained equipment appropriate for the job, and all our practices are in accordance with ANSI standards.

Our team believes that a thorough clean-up is necessary in order to consider a removal complete. This usually involves moving the generated wood. Depending on the integrity of the wood and your preference, we can leave it, split it, stack it, or remove it. We can even arrange to have it milled by a portable band saw mill, if you so desire.

Recognizing that a tree poses a hazard and must be removed can be stressful for many reasons. In the Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Region, Gallagher Tree Service LLC can put your mind at ease.